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Can you imagine playing a video game without using your eyes?

The first gaming environment that enables developers to create an accessible mode on their video games through 3D sounds and vibrations.


Novis Games is a social impact game tech startup that aims to increase accessibility in gaming.​

In 2019 we started developing non-visual gaming experiences for visually impaired players, testing our gaming solutions within blind associations all over Italy (250.000+ euros raised and 500+ users). In 2021 we designed a tool that enables developers to create an accessible mode on their games. 

Our sonification mode is fast and easy to integrate: game developers can add and manage a positional sound layer, transforming every graphical object that is useful to the gameplay into sound clues we tested with our target community. We are now launching the first version of the plugin on Unity, licensing the core sounds and features in a yearly based subscription business model that depends on customers revenues. 

We are a young team of business professionals, software developers and accessibility enthusiasts that want to prove that there is a huge opportunity for accessibility in gaming: we have the technology, the team, the beta-testers, the very first users and customers. Now we need the financial and technical support to scale up the business outside Italy, knowing that our vision is to develop a brand new way of playing that will improve every user experience through sounds and vibrations.

Arianna Ortelli

Arianna Ortelli

CEO & Co-Founder

"Passion for what we do leads us to dream even bigger and to overcome our limits everyday"

Marco Andriano

Marco Andriano

CMO & Co-Founder

"A goal is really ambitious only if you can change the way you see things"

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