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Explore Our Inclusive Games

At Novis Games, we believe in the power of accessible gaming to create unique and immersive experiences for all players. Our portfolio of inclusive games showcases our commitment to revolutionizing the gaming industry. Step into a world where innovation meets inclusivity and discover a range of games designed to cater to the diverse needs of gamers, including visually impaired individuals.

From narrative adventures to music games and FPS experiences, each game can be crafted to provide an engaging and accessible gameplay environment. Our cutting-edge accessibility features, such as precise audio cue positioning, AI-generated voices, and screen reader tools, enhance the gaming experience for players of all abilities.

The aim of the showcases we publish is to inspire and encourage developers to push the boundaries of accessible gaming. We understand that every game has unique challenges, and that's why we offer our expertise to assist you. Whether it's assessment, framework or technology guidance, or full-fledged consultancy with a dedicated team of experts, Novis Games is here to support you in creating inclusive and captivating gaming experiences.

Join us on a journey through the realm of accessible gaming and witness firsthand how Novis Games is reshaping the future of interactive entertainment. Explore our selection of games that prioritize inclusivity, creativity, and the joy of gaming for everyone.

The Wardrobe: All Eyes Welcome (Video Demo)

The Wardrobe Video Game Cover

"The Wardrobe - All Eyes Welcome" is an accessible edition by Novis Games & Cinic Games of the original "The Wardrobe - Even Better Edition".


Step into the shoes of our witty protagonist on a journey inspired by '90s classics like 'Monkey Island' & 'Day of the Tentacle.' Designed with a strong focus on accessibility, blind and visually impaired players can fully immerse themselves in this magical adventure. Experience High Contrast Display, Screen Reader Tools & OCR for accurate text-to-speech, and AI-generated Voices bringing dialogues to life. Explore a world with accessible Objects & Maps Interaction and immerse in Sound Vocabulary Positioning. Gaming should be inclusive for all, and we tirelessly ensure no one is left behind. 


Click the button to immerse yourself in the first Video Demo of the Gameplay designed specifically for blind players (high-contrast version for visually impaired players coming soon!).

Inclusive Trash Dash: Visually Impaired Edition (Beta)

Trash Dash High Contrast Screen Shot

Dive into Novis Games' "Inclusive Trash Dash: Visually Impaired Edition (Beta)" – a groundbreaking foray into accessible gaming.


Embark on an environmentally-conscious journey crafted for visually impaired gamers, complete with dynamic landscapes, voice-over guidance, spatial sound cues, and high-contrast visuals. This beta underscores our dedication to innovation and inclusivity, with an upcoming version tailored for the entire blind community. Join us in shaping a future of universally engaging gaming experiences, where participation evolves into a remarkable and all-inclusive narrative. Keep an eye out for the imminent release that will redefine the gaming landscape!

Take a look at the original gameplay on the YouTube link, and then experience our Testing Beta Version designed for visually impaired players by pressing the button!

Sfida alla Pari: A Victory for Inclusive Gaming in Italy

Screenshot of the Gameplay: Marco is running with Jerry Scotti

"Sfida alla pari" ("Equal Challenge") is a groundbreaking Italian video game developed by Dinobros and Novis Games, designed to captivate players of all ages while breaking barriers of accessibility for the visually impaired and blind gamers.


This innovative gaming experience takes players on an enthralling journey where avatars of renowned personalities navigate challenges. Guided by a unique audio system, visually impaired players can overcome obstacles and compete on equal footing with sighted players. The game's resounding success was highlighted on the stage of "Tu Si Que Vales," where it not only captured the hearts of the audience and the admiration of the jury but also clinched victory in the 2022 competition. This achievement showcases its universal appeal and inclusivity. Please note that "Sfida alla Pari" is currently available exclusively in Italian.


Get ready for an exhilarating adventure that unites gamers of diverse abilities in a truly equal and immersive gaming experience.

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