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Accessibility Self-Assessment

Thank You for Your Contribution to Accessibility!

Inclusivity is our driving force. Your participation in our Accessibility Self-Assessment helps us create a more inclusive experience for all. Before you begin, we provide external links to guidelines for each section below:

  1. User Experience & Game Design Guidelines;

  2. Visual Accessibility Guidelines;

  3. Audio Accessibility Guidelines;

  4. Assistive Technologies Compatibility Guidelines;

  5. Text Alternatives Guidelines;

To start the Accessibility Self-Assessment, proceed with the following questions.
If you need support or wish to provide feedback, our team is here to assist you throughout the process. Your voice matters: your feedback is invaluable as we continuously improve and innovate.
Together, let's shape a more inclusive digital future.
Thank you for being a part of this journey!

1. Integrated Screen Reader

Does the game have an integrated screen reader that reads the textual content of the game menus, both during initialization and gameplay phases?

2. Activation Instructions

Are the instructions for activating the screen reader clear?

3. Screen Readers Compatibility

Is the video game compatible with common external screen readers used by people with visual disabilities?

4. Customizable Audio Options

Do players have the ability to customize audio options, such as adjusting the volume and speed of the screen reader's voice, to suit their preferences?

5. Audio-Description for Scenes

Are interlude scenes, like cutscenes or videos, audio-described to ensure that visually impaired players receive all crucial plot information?

6. Crucial Audio Information

Does the video game have audio options to provide crucial information through sound to compensate for the lack of visual input?

7.  Directional Perception

Does the game utilize binaural sound to enhance perception of the direction of environmental sounds, aiding players in better orientation?

8. Mapping Environmental Sounds

Can environmental sounds be mapped to provide players with a clearer picture of the surrounding game environment?

9. Audio Indicators

Are there audio indicators or signals provided for important visual events, such as alerts, obstacles, or incoming enemies?

10. Mouse-Free Gameplay Option

Is it possible to play the video game without using the mouse, relying solely on the keyboard or controller?

11. Voice Commands

Does the video game offer the option to use voice commands to perform actions or navigate through the game?

12. Customizable Subtitles

Does the game provide clear and customizable subtitles? Are these subtitles vocalized?

13. Adjusting Text Contrast & Size

Can users adjust text contrast and size to accommodate individuals with low vision? On which elements?

14. High-Visibility Mode

Is a high-visibility mode available that highlights key game elements or increases contrast for improved readability?

15. Intuitive Menu Navigation

Does the game offer a simple and intuitive navigation menu to allow users to move easily between options and levels? Focused on usability.

16. Customizable Game Controls

Are there options to customize game controls to suit the preferences and needs of players with disabilities?

17. Simplified Sequences

Does the game provide options to simplify particularly complex sequences, allowing players to progress without excessive frustration?

18. Tactile Feedback

Does the game offer relevant information through tactile feedback or 
vibrations to help blind or visually impaired players better understand the game environment?

19. In-Game Chat & Social Aspects

If present, are the in-game chat and social aspects accessible through magnification or voice output? Is it possible to write using voice dictation?

20. Verbal or Audio Tutorials

Does the game provide accessible guides and tutorials with verbal or audio explanations to assist players with visual disabilities in learning controls and game mechanics?

21. Testing and Iteration

Has the game been tested and iterated with the involvement of players with visual disabilities to ensure the experience is genuinely inclusive and meets their needs?

22. Clear Documentation

Has the development team provided clear documentation on the game's accessibility, explaining the features available for people with visual disabilities?

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