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Pushing the Limits of Accessibility: Forza Motorsport Revolutionizes Gaming for Blind Players

Updated: Aug 3, 2023

Turn 10 has been developing exceptional racing simulations under the Forza Motorsport series for the past 18 years. With each new entry released on Xbox consoles, the game has continued to enhance the overall experience. Now, Forza Motorsport is taking a groundbreaking step towards inclusivity by focusing on accessibility. We had the opportunity to preview the accessibility features designed specifically for blind and low-vision players in Forza Motorsport. These features include auditory, fine-motor, and cognitive assistance, and aim to make the entire game playable for individuals with visual disabilities. From the menus and heads-up display (HUD) to the core racing experience, blind and low-vision players will have a variety of accessibility options to overcome barriers.

Enhancing Visual Accessibility and Introducing Blind Driving Assists

To cater to blind players, Forza Motorsport introduces blind driving assists. These audio-based features allow players to perceive their location on the track through different-pitched sounds. By interpreting these auditory cues, players can familiarize themselves with the tracks. For instance, they can distinguish a wide turn based on the sound difference between the two sides of the track. If the sounds are closer together, it could indicate a sharp turn.

Visual assists are also implemented, including large menu icons, text, and adjustable HUD text sizes. The game incorporates colorblindness filters in both the user interface (UI) and gameplay. All three colorblind modes and the UI settings scale alongside the text. Furthermore, high-contrast modes are available for the menu and HUD during races. These tools empower blind and low-vision players to personalize the game's accessibility according to their preferences. They can choose to play with all assists enabled and gradually disable some, or start with a few assists and gradually add more as needed.

Fine-Motor Assists and One Touch Driving

Building upon the features introduced in Forza Motorsport 7, fine-motor assists have been refined to provide an even better experience. In Forza Motorsport 7, players had the option for a mostly hands-off approach to racing, although they still needed to hold the right trigger for acceleration. Now, Turn 10 has developed a feature called One Touch Driving, which offers a toolbox of multiple assists for car control. This feature surpasses the previous braking and steering assists by eliminating the need for constant trigger usage. Throttle assist is included, allowing players to focus solely on steering if desired. Additionally, various levels of braking assists are available.

Forza Motorsport is scheduled for release on Xbox Series and PC later this year, and it appears that the game will set a new standard for accessibility within the series. The emphasis placed on improving accessibility for low-vision and visually impaired players by Turn 10 is commendable. Often, accessibility for these players is overlooked, but the efforts of Turn 10 bring them into the spotlight. We eagerly anticipate witnessing the game in action upon its release.

Discover the Game-Changing Accessibility Features in Forza Motorsport! Click here to watch the captivating video: Link to the video. Prepare to be amazed and inspired!


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