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Make your Video Game Accessible to Blind Players

Fostering an environment where everyone can enjoy the magic of gaming, regardless their visual abilities.

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Welcome to the forefront of game accessibility!

Elevate your video game to new heights with our accessibility features in gaming. Empower blind and visually impaired gamers to fully immerse themselves in your gaming world like never before.

High Contrast Display

Our cutting-edge solution mutes environment colors while adding distinct contrast coloring to allies, enemies, items, and interactive objects. Enjoy enhanced gameplay with clearer visuals and greater accessibility. Join us in breaking barriers and redefining the future of gaming.

AI-generated Voices for Dialogues & Texts

Enhance the immersion for visually impaired gamers by incorporating AI-generated voices for in-game dialogues and text. Our cutting-edge technology ensures clear and natural-sounding audio representations, making the storytelling experience more captivating and inclusive.

Objects & Maps Interaction

Enhance the interactivity of your game for visually impaired users with our object interaction and map feature. Through tactile and auditory feedback, players can engage with in-game objects, receive contextual information, and perform actions, expanding the possibilities for immersive gameplay experiences.

Screen Reader
Tools & OCR

Provide fresh audio descriptions of on-screen elements, menus, and interface options through our built-in screen reader tools that also support Optical Character Recognition capabilities in order to convert in-game text into audio, providing equal access to important information.

Sound Vocabulary Positioning

Our accessibility solution enables precise audio cue positioning in the game environment, providing spatial audio information that assists blind and visually impaired users in accurately identifying objects, hazards, and interactive elements, enhancing gameplay.

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Join the movement towards game accessibility today!

By embracing our Plug & Play Solution, you're not only setting a new standard in the industry but also fostering an environment where everyone can enjoy the magic of gaming, regardless of their visual abilities.


Contact us now to embark on a transformative journey of inclusivity and innovation.

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Playing a video game without using your eyes?


Blind and Visually Impaired in the World


Video Games
for Sighted Users


Games with Basic Accessibility Features


Games 100% Accessible
to Visually Impaired Users


Plug & Play Tools for Partially Sighted Gamers

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Why choose our Game Accessibility Solution?

Take the Accessibility Self Assessment now and experience the power of our GAS in creating a more inclusive gaming world.

Our GAS (Game Accessibility Solution)


Unleash the Power of 3D Sounds
Harness the potential of cutting-edge audio technology to create an inclusive gaming experience. Our framework allows you to craft immersive soundscapes that enhance gameplay and provide crucial audio cues for blind and visually impaired players.

Empower the Visually Impaired
Open up a world of possibilities for gamers with visual impairments. By incorporating our framework into your game, you're enabling them to navigate, strategize, and engage with your virtual universe using audio clues specifically designed to enhance their experience.

Seamless Integration
Our Game Accessibility Solution seamlessly integrates into your existing game development pipeline, minimizing the need for extensive modifications. With our user-friendly tools and comprehensive documentation, you'll be up and running in no time, ensuring a smooth and efficient integration process.


Enhanced Player Engagement
By making your game accessible to blind and visually impaired users, you're expanding your audience and fostering inclusivity. Connect with a passionate community of gamers who are eager to explore your game and contribute valuable insights to its evolution.

Before you begin, you can also try our Accessibility Self-Assessment.
If you need support or wish to provide feedback, our team is here to assist you throughout the process. Thank you for being a part of this journey!

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