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Sfida alla pari

Our accessible game for the national TV show Tu Si Que Vales 2022

"Sfida alla Pari" is the new inclusive video game produced by DinoBros and Novis Games fro the italian national TV program Tu Si Que Vales. The browser game "Sfida alla Pari" offers a simple but intuitive design and storyline and acts as a prototype for a design idea to be applied on a larger scale with more complex video games of different lengths. The goal of the title is to make the whole gaming world more and more inclusive. The reconstruction of the hilarious trials that characterize Tu Si Que Vales takes place with an equal match: the pixel art representations of Maria de Filippi and Gerry Scotti can count on their eyesight, while Marco Andriano, the CMO and co-founder of Novis Games is visually impaired from the age of 4, he can rely on a system of sound impulses that allow him to spot the presence of obstacles along the game path. In short, the title of Dinobros and Novis Games focuses on the importance of inclusion as a key element of the more playful aspects of everyday life, where everyone is equal in the face of challenges and, for this reason, there is no distinction between ability, diversity and difficulty. The videogame received a 'Poker of Yes' from the jury and 98% of appreciation from the public!

Select the character and press "Gioca" to start. If you are Marco, you can press "spacebar" to jump (using the only sounds), if you are one of the judges press "up arrow" on your keyboard


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