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Fast, powerful, and easy to integrate – our sonification mode enables game developers to create an accessible mode on their video games through sounds and vibrations.

You want your game to be accessible to everyone but you want an easy way to implement accessibility for visual impairments?

Our 3D sounds and vibrations effects adapt your gameplay in order to make the experience completely accessible to blind and visual impaired individuals.

With our technology we will generate for you an innovative 3D sounds layer that let the players understand the virtual environment without using the screen. Our AI will help you in order to set the rules for the game objects. Our sonification mode simplifies the process of creating accessibility features for blindness in your games, with a comprehensive set of features for dealing with any game scenario.

Now the software is integrated with Unity.

You can also test the output with a community of selected beta-testers.

What is Sonification Mode? 

Core features

Easy to integrate into your game projects. 

Plug and play

You can apply our product to multiple engines and bring accessibility across systems!


Based on AI

High tech

Access a sound vocabulary to standardize your gameplay! 


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Sonification Mode

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